Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring and Reporting is a part of the World Heritage process. It includes the State of Conservation (SOC) and reporting any changes to the OUV. If you have a future project of conservation/restoration or new projects in a World Heritage property, you have to get permit before you start. See steps Notification of New Restoration and Construction Proposals below.

Reactive Monitoring

Reporting to the Committee on the state of conservation of specific World Heritage properties that are under threat (OG 169). Each year, the Committee examines state of conservation of reported properties. 

Periodic Reporting

The state of conservation of all the properties is reported to the Committee every 6 years.

Top  issues reported in state of conservation reports and periodic reports are:

  • Management system/plan 
  • Housing
  • Impact of tourism/visitors 
  • Legal framework
  • Ground transport infrastructure
  • New developments

In addition, based on the Operational Guidelines paragraph 172, any major restorations or new constructions should be notified to the the World Heritage Committee.

Previous reporting Cycles of Uzbekistan, as aprt of the Asia & Pacific Region were: